Sensibility towards Sustainability through Zen Buddhism

Sensibility towards Sustainability through Zen Buddhism

R. Prasanna Laxmi

Abstract :

Living within our environmental limits is one of the central principles of Sustainable development. Application of Sensibility towards Sustainable development through Zen Buddhist meditation is an important domain to establish harmony in economic, social and environmental level. The Zen meditation is the best medium for evolution of human consciousness for yielding beneficial results in sustainable development. Sustainable development starts with the personal development of an individual. The principles and practices of Zen Buddhism is the absolute pathway to inculcate right perception and intuition in an individual to behave sensibly towards environment. Zen meditation enables one to be aware of his activities related with environment. Zen practices give him insights about the purpose of creation in the universe and his role for nurturing this environment for better future.

Keywords :

Sensibility, Sustainability, Zen Meditation, Self-awareness.


Download PDF   Journal DOI : 10.15373/22778160


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